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Letter from Good Samaritan Foundation

Old Thatch School
New School

May 18, 2013
Letter to Beaufort Woman's Club, Sister Cities and Olde Towne Rotary Club
From Fanise Cherilus and all board members of Good Samaritan Foundation , Inc. (Ecole Bon Samaritain de Beaufort, Haiti)

We want to extend to you a very special THANK YOU for your love,care, and financial support in our efforts to maintain and prosper the school and community in Beaufort, Haiti.

We especially thank you for your recent support in our determination to rebuild the bridge leading to the school. As you may know, the bridge was removed over a year ago, with the promises to clear out the canals and rebuild new bridges. A new bridge was not built, and we had a very scary accident where we almost lost one of our students, 11 year old Mary Ysline Dorville, who slipped off the foot plank, and almost drowned. This accident prompted Fanise to strive very hard to get the funds for a new bridge. And, with your help, the new bridge was built last month. In April, Fanise took a trip to Haiti for the express purpose to get the bridge built. Many of you know Fanise, and for those who don't - she is able to stretch money. She not only got the bridge built, she also rebuilt the kitchen for the school out of concrete blocks with a concrete floor, and replaced much of the aluminum roof on the upstairs schoolrooms.

We value so much all our partners in this mission.

We know that God blesses everyone who takes part in the outreach that He has planned. So if your heart is moved to join God in what He's doing in Haiti, please continue with us in prayer, and in support. Good Samaritan School in Haiti is a Christian school. Did you know that the children pray every morning for those who help them? That is a beautiful thing. And we know that God hears the prayers of children.

So you can feel happy that God knows the good you are doing. One last note of thanks from Fanise - the love and devotion that has been shown to herself, and the love shown to LeGrand in the past, has been received with great thankfulness to God. Her hands go up in praise to God for what He has done through you, and through others.

Thankfully submitted,
Fanise Cherilus, Founder
Andy Willis, President of Good Samaritan Foundation

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