The International Association of Beauforts was established in 1995 when Beaufort-en-Vallee, France hosted the first reunion of Beauforts. The Beaufort, North Carolina organization seeks to promote international cooperation, understanding and development through a variety of dynamic exchanges with cities and towns with whom Beaufort maintains active sister city partnerships. By interpreting our way of life to people of other cultures, we gain a better understanding of our own community. This site provides information on our local organization as well as overviews of each of our sister-city Beauforts.

Beaufort en Santerre, France

Beaufort en Santerre is a commune in the Somme department in the Picardie region in northern France. It is an isolated village of less than 200 residents 25 miles southeast of Amiens. It is surrounded by forest in the middle of the plateau of Santerre. Mainly an agricultural locale since the time of ancient Rome, the region is known for its fertile soil.

Traces of a Roman villa tend to prove the ancient human occupation. The village is mentioned from 1206. Walon of Sarton, canon of Picquigny participated in the Fourth Crusade. Originally there was a castle or fortress belonging to a knight, vassal Bernard Moreuil from 1221-1249. This fortress was rebuilt in the 14th century and altered in the 17th century by Jacque de Cavoye, Lord of Beaufort. Much damage was caused by the armies of Louis II de Bourbon-Conde and d'Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne who devastated the region in 1653. The castle of Beaufort-en-Santerre was severely damaged during World War I.

Portion of 1750 Map
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