The International Association of Beauforts was established in 1995 when Beaufort-en-Vallee, France hosted the first reunion of Beauforts. The Beaufort, North Carolina organization seeks to promote international cooperation, understanding and development through a variety of dynamic exchanges with cities and towns with whom Beaufort maintains active sister city partnerships. By interpreting our way of life to people of other cultures, we gain a better understanding of our own community. This site provides information on our local organization as well as overviews of each of our sister-city Beauforts.

Painting En Plein Air

Beaufort Sister Cities was one of the sponsors for the first En Plein Air Art Festival & Competition, managed by the Downtown Beaufort Development Association and the Arts Council of Carteret County. The first event took place May 2, 2015 in downtown Beaufort and historic district streets. Here are the winners.


A Transition...

Beaufort Sister Cities Annual Mural Competition has transitioned to an En Plein Air Art Festival & Competition, managed by the Downtown Beaufort Development Association and the Arts Council of Carteret County. The first event took place Saturday May 2, 2015 in downtown Beaufort and historic district streets.
A look back at the 2014 Mural Competition

Escoffier Dinner Series 2014

The Escoffier Dinner Series features chefs who are members of the International Order of Disciples of Auguste Escoffier and Carteret Community College culinary graduates who have participated in the CCC/Beaufort Sister Cities internships in France. The series offers classical French menus from the recipes of Auguste Escoffier (1846-1935), the French chef, restaurateur and culinary writer who codified French cuisine. Beaufort Sister Cities members are a significant group of subscribers and proceeds from the series pay for the interns' French language instruction, airfares and insurance. 

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Honoring the French tradition of welcoming the arrival of the first 2013 "new wines" - the famous Beaujolais Nouveau from the Beaujolais region of France - this ceremonial uncorking of the wine in the caf├ęs of France is celebrated all over the world. Beaujolais, located in the Burgundy region, is one of the oldest French vineyards with the first vines planted in Roman times. This tradition signals the end of the harvest season in France and the beginning of the festive holiday season!

BEAUFORT SISTER CITIES celebrated the 2013 WINE HARVEST with its ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP PARTY on Saturday November 23 at the restaurant at Town Creek Marina. 

Over a hundred 2014 members of Beaufort Sister Cities enjoyed a menu of fondues and "dippers" at the tenth annual "Beaujolais Nouveau" party in the restaurant at Town Creek Marina.   Everyone agreed that the 2013 beaujolais nouveau wine is excellent!  A slideshow reminded guests of 2013 events and a calendar of 2014 was announced. A noisy "fund-raiser" auction of French wines ended the evening.

Beaufort, County Kerry, Ireland 2013

In mid-August, Pat Wesson visited Beaufort, County Kerry, Ireland. Her parents were born nearby. Beaufort is a pretty little town of 400 homes at the base of Gap of Dunloe. The local economy depends on tourism. While the famous Beaufort Pub and Restaurant was closed for the day, Pat had a lovely visit with people at the community center where they were all watching the soccer championships in an atmosphere much like our superbowl parties. Members of the town council are very interested in forming a relationship with us.

This 41-image album will be available on SkyDrive until December 3, 2013.   

Read more about this sister city on her regular post on this site.

Beaufort, Borneo, Malaysia

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Recently new member, Joann Yue visited Beaufort (Sabah) Malaysia on her way home from a family visit in Korea. She met the Beaufort district manager, Mr. Wong, and introduced him to Beaufort, North Carolina with a letter from Mayor Stanley and many gifts from generous local merchants. Beaufort, the town, has about 14,000 inhabitants and the district has a population of 100,000.  Read more about this Beaufort on the island of Borneo by visiting Wikipedia

Bastille Day 2013

Beaufort Sister Cities held its initial "kick-off" party on Bastille Day 2000 and continues, each year, to celebrate July 14 in commemoration of our nation's friendship with France. The French flag and bunting welcomed members to this year's party under tents at the Goellner's backyard where they enjoyed a rich buffet of hors d'oeuvres from Beaufort (Jura) and members' kitchens. French wines included, for a favored few, MacVin, the yellow wine of Jura. Rousing drinking songs were heard in the neighborhood. Visiting "celebrities" included Coco Chanel, Mme. DuFarge, Catherine Deneuve, General Lafayette, among others. (Since a public venue was unavailable, this year's Bastille Day members' potluck celebration was held at the home of Ann and Al Goellner.)

Francophiles gather to celebrate Bastille Day in Beaufort-by-the-Sea
General Lafayette and "Sleeping Beauty" enjoy a few moments chat
Monsieur "Double-jour" waves his tricoulour proudly

Letter from Good Samaritan Foundation

Old Thatch School
New School

May 18, 2013
Letter to Beaufort Woman's Club, Sister Cities and Olde Towne Rotary Club
From Fanise Cherilus and all board members of Good Samaritan Foundation , Inc. (Ecole Bon Samaritain de Beaufort, Haiti)

We want to extend to you a very special THANK YOU for your love,care, and financial support in our efforts to maintain and prosper the school and community in Beaufort, Haiti.

We especially thank you for your recent support in our determination to rebuild the bridge leading to the school. As you may know, the bridge was removed over a year ago, with the promises to clear out the canals and rebuild new bridges. A new bridge was not built, and we had a very scary accident where we almost lost one of our students, 11 year old Mary Ysline Dorville, who slipped off the foot plank, and almost drowned. This accident prompted Fanise to strive very hard to get the funds for a new bridge. And, with your help, the new bridge was built last month. In April, Fanise took a trip to Haiti for the express purpose to get the bridge built. Many of you know Fanise, and for those who don't - she is able to stretch money. She not only got the bridge built, she also rebuilt the kitchen for the school out of concrete blocks with a concrete floor, and replaced much of the aluminum roof on the upstairs schoolrooms.

We value so much all our partners in this mission.

We know that God blesses everyone who takes part in the outreach that He has planned. So if your heart is moved to join God in what He's doing in Haiti, please continue with us in prayer, and in support. Good Samaritan School in Haiti is a Christian school. Did you know that the children pray every morning for those who help them? That is a beautiful thing. And we know that God hears the prayers of children.

So you can feel happy that God knows the good you are doing. One last note of thanks from Fanise - the love and devotion that has been shown to herself, and the love shown to LeGrand in the past, has been received with great thankfulness to God. Her hands go up in praise to God for what He has done through you, and through others.

Thankfully submitted,
Fanise Cherilus, Founder
Andy Willis, President of Good Samaritan Foundation

Photos added from GSF website.

Beaufort Jura Meeting and Haiti Project

Letter to Carteret News-Times 
from Ann Goellner:

Recently I returned from the annual meeting of the International Association of Beauforts in Beaufort (Jura) France (May 18-20, 2013). Your readers may recall that this French-based organization unites towns of the same name around the world, whether of French or English heritage, in a spirit of cultural exchange. Polly Hagle and I were not the only English-speakers as this year we were joined by a couple from Beaufort, Australia.

At the Association’s business meeting, we requested a grant in support of the Good Samaritan School in Beaufort, Haiti which offers basic education to 250 youngsters aged 5 to 12 in this farming village one hundred miles north of Port au Prince. Earlier I sent the editor a copy of a “thank you” letter from the Foundation supporting this school, and I thought it might interest your readers to know that the International Association of Beauforts voted to grant the Good Samaritan Foundation more than 500 euros to complete their building project.

Both France and the United States have a history of involvement in Haiti which makes this school a particularly appealing “sister cities” project. Your readers who are interested can see a website for the Good Samaritan School in Beaufort, Haiti. It could be seen as a “miracle” that a poor rice-farming village in Haiti would have a school, but it is a result of the commitment of Haitians from this village that the school has been established. And we in other Beauforts are very pleased to continue their support.

2013 Mural Competition Photo Album

  1st Place Ryan Mills; 2nd Place Tracy Huley; 3rd Place Zoe Nateman 
Jurors were Jason Smith, Jimmy Craig Womble and Lenore Meadows.
Murals will be on display at the Beaufort Library during the month of June.

Helping Good Samaritan School in Beaufort, Haiti

Sue Way, East Carteret High School Apparel teacher, and her students make pillowcase dresses for little girls at Good Samaritan School in Beaufort, Haiti. This year each student made two, enabling Beaufort Sister Cities to ship more than two dozen frilly little dresses.  Because the students also need to learn to set a collar, sleeves and make button holes, they also make pajamas for dolls.  In addition, the class tied two quilts to be sold at Tierra Fina, in downtown Beaufort, to benefit the Good Samaritan School sewing teacher's salary.  Many thanks to all the girls in Apparel at ECHS.

Beaufort, Haiti

Good Samaritan School

The Good Samaritan Mission school was born in August of 2000 in Beaufort, Haiti. The school was started by Legrand and Fanise Cherilus, who are Haitian-American citizens. They simply put up a palm thatch structure, hired some teachers, and told them that they would pay them if God provided. At times, the teachers went without pay, but they continued to teach because they had a job.

In December of 2003, Good Samaritan Foundation Inc. received the 501c3 status. At that time they began to raise funds to build a cement block school. After all, they had almost 500 children attending the thatch Mission School!

Legrand passed away in 2005, but Fanise Cherilus and Martha Thum (two determined Christian missionaries) decided to continue the work. By March 2006, they had begun the block school building. By September 2006, the children were able to start school in the new building. How proud they felt of their new school!
This school was built entirely of donations. Many of the donors are members of Churches throughout Florida, and also a few others across the USA. 100% of monies donated go directly toward the school and its projects.
When the word got out about the contributions by Beaufort Sister Cities and her sister cities in France, other local organizations stepped up to the plate. Beaufort Woman's Club auctioned three Haitian paintings for a contribution of more than $600. The Tiller School contributed five basketballs and two air pumps. Beaufort Middle School collected $377.77 from staff and students to round out the local support for Good Samaritan School in 2009 to over $3,000!!

Beaufort Victoria, Australia

Beaufort is located between Ballarat and Ararat in the Pyrenees Shire local government area; the administrative centre is located at the council headquarters in Beaufort. Its primary industries are related to wool, farming, forestry, quarrying and mining.
The area was once occupied by the Jajowarrung Aborigines who called the area 'Peerick'. The first European in the area was Thomas Mitchell. The first squatters were the Kirklands and a Mr Hamilton who took up land in 1838. The latter's 'Trawalla' station was taken over by Adolphus Goldsmith in 1841.

Gold was discovered in 1852 with another rush at Fiery Creek in 1854. Four settlements sprung up on the Fiery Creek Diggings'; one of which was Beaufort. It was surveyed in 1857 and town allotments were sold from 1858. A Catholic church was built in the early 1860s. 
Beaufort cottage circa 1860 - Museum of Victoria
1890 Beaufort Railway Station - Museum of Victoria
Celebrations marking the 1911 coronation of King George V - held in Beaufort.
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