The International Association of Beauforts was established in 1995 when Beaufort-en-Vallee, France hosted the first reunion of Beauforts. The Beaufort, North Carolina organization seeks to promote international cooperation, understanding and development through a variety of dynamic exchanges with cities and towns with whom Beaufort maintains active sister city partnerships. By interpreting our way of life to people of other cultures, we gain a better understanding of our own community. This site provides information on our local organization as well as overviews of each of our sister-city Beauforts.

Beaufort Isere, France

Beaufort Isere is a commune in the Isere department in south-eastern France. It is located 7km from Beaurepaire and 10km from La Cote-Saint-Andre.

14eme Rassemblement en Beaufort-Isere 2008

Pascale Lambert, Beaufort Isere; Dennis Adams, Beaufort, SC; Warren Sanchez, Beaufort, NC - at the 2008 reunion.

Dennis Adams' home, Beaufort, South Carolina, is the second oldest city in South Carolina, chartered in 1711. To read about the town's history, click here. Dennis Adams' Three-page photo album - 2008